At Peak IP Solutions we are committed to conserving and protecting the environment. Leveraging the technologies that we provide, we have been able to increase the energy efficiency of our own operations. Our commitment to running a successful sustainable business and using resources responsibly has lead us to take the following steps to help reduce our carbon footprint:

  • The use of videoconferencing to reduce the need to travel
  • Recycling of waste paper and print cartridges
  • Allowing employees to work from home to reduce the carbon emissions caused by commuting
  • Switching off lighting when it is not required and primarily using sensor managed lighting
  • Encouraging employees to turn off non-essential equipment overnight
  • Leveraging technologies that reduce power consumption and added hardware
  • The use of glasses and mugs to reduce reliance on disposable cups

Peak IP Solutions is committed to creating an environment friendly business through our conservation efforts and the efficient use of resources in our day-to-day business activities.