The demands for rapid, effective, and economical business communication have never been greater. Modern digital communications provide users with speed and efficiency, but texts, emails, and phone calls lack the personal touch that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Videoconferencing offers the best of both worlds - instant communication regardless of distance, and the personal connection that comes from being face to face - across town, or across the country.

"An investment in HD videoconferencing equipment can produce long-term benefits for the customer and the environment – helping to decrease the amount of travel is a key factor, especially at a time when the economy is so uncertain." –Gartner Group

Why Videoconferencing?

  • Reduced Travel Costs
  • Immediate Access To Distributed Workforce
  • Increased Decision Making Capabilities
  • Facilitate Efficiency In Workplace
  • Global Access To Partners/Clients
  • Enhanced Relationships via Face To Face Interactions
  • Less Downtime
  • Rapid ROI

Peak IP Solutions offers proven video solutions that consist of best in class hardware, services, network, and multipoint conferencing capabilities. We design each solution to meet the individual needs of our client & ensure that each video implementation is certified to meet our high standards for reliability and consistently deliver the results that our customers expect.

Video solutions:

Lifesize Cloud


LifeSize Cloud Features

  • Lifesize Cloud Works Like You Do +

    Lifesize Cloud is designed for wherever, whenever collaboration. Click to call anyone you need to speak with or have a real-life video conference with your whole team just by clicking one button—instantly.
  • Installs Faster Than Setting Up A New TV +

    With a Lifesize Icon video endpoint connected to Lifesize Cloud, your complete video conferencing system will be up and running in moments, not months.
  • Everything Works Automatically +

    Just power up, connect your Lifesize solution and see everything sync automatically. Your company directory populates once users are added. No more wasting time and momentum fighting with the meeting interface.
  • Unify People & Conference Rooms Instantly +

    Unlike web conferencing and other cloud-based video conferencing services that require reserving a virtual “room,” Lifesize lets you meet whenever you want—even at a moment’s notice. No access codes, meeting invitations or room reservations needed.
  • Add People Midmeeting With Just A Single Click +

    Lifesize Cloud is designed around a simplified user experience, like adding a new person midmeeting. Click the user’s name, and they’re in.
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Cisco Telepresence

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